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Terms Of Service

1. Introduction


1.1 is run by Roger Weichert Electronics ABN 467 958 351


1.2 Your access to and use of the Site, and any of the content (including any directory listings) made available on the Site ("Content"), is subject to these terms, our Privacy Collection Statement, and any other terms contained on this Site ("Terms").


1.3 Please carefully read these Terms before you use this Site. In using and continuing to use this Site, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, you should not continue to use this Site.


2. Changes to these Terms


2.1 We may change the Terms at any time by posting the changed Terms on this Site.


2.2 Amendments will be effective immediately upon notification on this Site. Your continued use of the Site following such notification will represent an agreement by you to be bound by the Terms as amended.


3. Usage rules


3.1 This Site and the Content is supplied solely for reference purposes.


3.2 You may download and print individual listings from this Site for your own non-commercial use in the course of the normal use of this Site for directory assistance purposes.


3.3 Except as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), other applicable laws, or as expressly authorised by us or these Terms, you must not:


a) adapt, reproduce, copy, store, transmit, print, communicate to the public, distribute, publish, create derivative works from or use any part of this Site or the Content for any purpose whatsoever;


b) use any of the Site or the Content for commercial gain or commercial purposes or to establish, operate or maintain your own product or service offering;


c) whether through the use of additional software or otherwise, conduct automated searches of, or data mine this Site or the Content;


d) incorporate any of the Content with any other material, including advertising and promotional material;


e) create links to this Site from any other website on the internet or frame or mirror this Site;


f) make any modifications to, hinder the operation of, or tamper with this Site or the Content;


g) knowingly transmit any Trojan horse, virus or worm, or other disabling feature to or via this Site;


h) use this Site or the Content to send commercial, bulk or unsolicited electronic messages to anyone or in any other way which would constitute an infringement of the Spam Act 2003 (Cth); or


i) attempt to do, or permit any other person to do, any of the above acts.


4. Other websites


4.1 This Site may contain links to other websites which are not maintained or controlled by us ("third party sites"). Third party sites are not part of this Site. These links are provided by us solely for your convenience and we may change, alter or remove these links at any time.


4.2 We make no representations or warranties whatsoever about any third party site. We do not endorse, and accept no responsibility for, the content or use of any third party site. If you link to any third party site, you leave this Site and do so entirely at your own risk.


5. Access to the Site from outside Australia


We do not represent or warrant that this Site or the Content complies with the laws of any country outside of Australia. If you access and use this Site or the Content from outside Australia, you do so at your own risk.


6. Intellectual Property Rights


6.1 Copyright

a) All intellectual property rights to this Site and the Content (including the design, text, software, data, logos, icons, graphics and sound recordings comprised in the Site are owned by Roger Weichert Electronics.


b) Information or materials procured from a third party may be the subject of copyright owned by that third party.


6.2 Trade Marks

a) Any trademarks that appear on the Site or are referred to or made available are the property of their respective owners.


b) You must not use, modify or permit the use or modification of any of the above trademarks without the written consent of the trademark owner.


7. No warranty


7.1 We take all reasonable care in compiling this online directory, including the Content. However, the Site and the Content is provided 'as is' and we do not warrant or represent that they are complete, current or free from errors or omissions.


7.2 We provide our services with reasonable care and skill and endeavour to ensure availability of our services and access to this. However, the availability of our services  and access to this may be interfered with by numerous factors, including those outside our control (such as Internet access difficulties, malfunction in software or equipment, or failure or delay of transmission). Accordingly, we do not warrant or represent that our services and/or your access to this Site or the Content will be secure, timely, continuous, uninterrupted, or free from errors, faults or viruses.


7.3 We accept advertisements for this Site in good faith on the basis of warranties provided by each advertiser. We do not warrant or represent that the products or services advertised on this Site will be suitable for any particular purpose, or that an advertiser has particular qualifications, or that the qualifications claimed by an advertiser are valid, or that the published address of any advertiser is the address at which a telephone call directed to the advertiser is answered. You must investigate for yourself the condition, quality and suitability of any goods or services advertised on this Site, and it is your responsibility to verify any information in the advertisements on this Site before relying on it.


7.4 If you become aware of any omissions or inaccuracies in the information on this Site, we would be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of our administration staff at


8. Using this directory to make telephone calls


8.1 If you use listings on this Site to make telephone calls or to send other communications (e.g. SMS messages), you may be liable to pay charges to the applicable service provider.


As an example, Telstra’s website advises:

a) When 13 or 1800 numbers are called from mobile telephones, applicable mobile call charges will apply.


b) Calls to 0055 or 1900 numbers are charged according to the duration of the call, the time of day and the type of service. Higher rates apply to calls made from public and mobile telephones.


c) Calls to 1800 FREECALL™ numbers are free from a fixed Telstra service, but other service providers may apply charges. For call charge information please contact your service provider.


9. Our liability to you


9.1 We accept our liability to you for negligence or breach of contract under the principles applied by the courts, but:


a) we do not accept liability to you for losses that:


i)  result from your use of our products and services in connection with the conduct of a business; or


ii)  arise from or in connection with the use or content of any third party sites that link from


except that we will accept that liability if it cannot be excluded under any legislation. If that liability cannot be excluded but can be limited under any legislation, we limit our liability to the extent permitted by that legislation;


b) we are not liable for any loss to the extent that it results from your failure to take reasonable steps to avoid or minimise your loss;


c) we are not liable for any loss to the extent that it is caused by you (for example, through your negligence or breach of contract); and


d) we are not liable for any loss caused by us failing to comply with our obligations to you where that loss is caused by events outside our reasonable control (such as a malfunction in equipment or software, Internet access difficulties or delay or failure of transmission).


10. Your liability to us


You are liable to us for negligence or breach of contract under the principles applied by the courts. However, you are not liable to us for any loss to the extent that it is caused by us (for example through our breach of contract or negligence).


11. Our rights to limit, suspend or terminate your access to the Site


We may limit, suspend or terminate your access to this Site at any time with as much warning as we reasonably can, including (without limitation) if:


a) the law requires us to do so;


b) we believe on reasonable grounds that providing you with access to this Site or the Content is illegal or may become illegal;


c) we reasonably believe that there is a real risk of loss or damage to us or another if we do not limit, suspend or terminate your access to this Site;


d) there is an emergency;


e) if it is necessary for repair or maintenance of relevant equipment or systems; or


f) if there are other reasonable grounds for us to do so.


12. Privacy


We collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with our Privacy Collection Statement.


13. General


13.1 If any of these Terms are invalid, unenforceable or illegal, that term will be struck out and the remaining terms will remain in force.


13.2 If we do not act in relation to a particular breach by you of these Terms, this will not be treated as a waiver by us of our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches. If you do not act in relation to a particular breach by us of these Terms, this will not be treated as a waiver by you of your right to act with respect to subsequent or similar breaches.


13.3 These Terms (and your dealings with us) are subject to the laws of South Australia, Australia. You submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State.



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