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Proposed Development

Murray Bridge has an enormous amount of development already occurring, as well as in the planning stages  …  and this is bound to continue as the population is expected to rise (in the council area) from 20,000 to over 30,000 within 20 years.

Proposals include everything from  …  

  • major redevelopment of Bridge St and Sixth St (Sixth St completed)
  • the expansion of Long Island Caravan Park and Marina
  • major expansions at existing sites (TFI, Community Club, MB Green)
  • "Newbridge" the residential development of the existing racecourse site (once vacated)
  • a proposed new 3500 allotment suburb at Gifford Hill


At Gifford Hill $50 million has already been spent  …  between the racecourse, conference centre and associated development.

State MP Adrian Pederick has suggested that over 30 to 40 years this development would stimulate more than $1 billion in investment in Murray Bridge.


Proposals for further afield include  ...

  • Monarto Intermodal (a freight transfer point between road and rail)
  • Australian Portable Camps expansion (~$100 million + 500 jobs)
  • a bio-gas power facility at Brinkley
  • Palmer wind farm  …  as well as  ...
  • Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend (which has just received a $7.5 million government grant)


See here for more details on all of these proposals …


This document outlines the “Imagine Your Rural City 2020” campaign created in 2012


Following is a list of some of the publically known development proposals  ...

more links will be added for further detail

  • Redevelopment of Bridge St and Sixth St
  • Gifford Hill
  • Relocation of Murray Bridge Racetrack
  • Redevelopment of Murray Bridge Racetrack (to be called "Newbridge")
  • Harvey Norman
  • 2 x On The Run (service station, car wash and fast food outlets) Adelaide Rd and Swanport Rd
  • Community Club expansion and redevelopment
  • Thomas Foods International expansion
  • Australian Portable Camps expansion
  • Long Island Caravan Park and Marina
  • Monarto Intermodal (a freight transfer point between road and rail) 
  • Tailem Bend Motorsport Park



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