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About Us

The initial aim of this website was to provide a free and detailed business and service directory for Murray Bridge and surrounding areas  ...

 without asking for any payment for a business to be listed

 or devaluing the directory by flooding it with listings from outside the area

In the process, I realised we also needed to draw attention to what we already have in Murray Bridge in terms of existing businesses and services  ...  expertise  ...  skills  ...  resources  ...  and further opportunities.

And also to support and grow local business  ...  enable locals to find them easily  ...  and let those outside the district see what is available here too.

This concept then developed to include further information and links to  …  service and sporting clubs  ...  government departments  ...  development  ...  local events  ...  tourism  ...  ie. a full community guide.

While there are numerous ways of finding this information, the idea grew out of frustration during my own on-line searches  …  and the desire to have a resource that placed everything on one site  ...  and was quickeasy and convenient to search.
The realisation that many will want access via their smart phone meant we also had to develop a site responsive to mobile devices.
While I probably wouldn't be classed as a local (yet smiley )  …  I have lived here for more than 40 years, and been running an electronics repair business for over 35 of those  …  so I do have a reasonable knowledge of the area, the people, businesses and services.
If I can gain the support of locals to help by providing information, corrections and updates whenever they spot any errors  -  businesses relocate or new ones begin  -  local events are announced or new developments occur  ...

...  then the site can be made current and kept up to date  …  and I hope others will find it worthwhile and make good use of it.

So  …  if you find any issues with navigating the site, have any suggestions for improvements, corrections or additional listings or categories, I would be very happy to hear from you.

Thank you.

Roger Weichert
Ph: Bus Hrs 0400 226 839  

ps. If you’d like to purchase an advert for your business or service on this site, please check the 'Advertise' pages  ...  Why advertise on this site  ...  What adverts are available  ...  or  ...  Why buy a specials ad  ...  though as mentioned above  ...  there is absolutely no cost for your business, organisation, club or group to be listed in this directory.


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